SC Mag Ad Designer contest!

SC MAG Ad designer Contest Oriental

Contest Closed, Winner published!!

The contest is over for now, and it's time to publish the outcomes. But before I do, let me bother you with a couple of personal considerations. It's very hard to describe and express our ideas, because you know, in your mind things are always easy and clear, and that's probably the reason why we have been so elusive when writing the rules and the policy of the contest; we must admitt we have left out many details, and we'll surely do better next month, because we want to improve ourselves and do something more for you.
We can't deny that some of you have totally amazed us, even if maybe their ideas didn't match ours at all, at least on how we have planned this issue to be. We have tried to consider every detail and every part of each picture, but we also wanted to award as many users as possible (even if sometimes choosing two works from the same creator has been just inevitable). In the following lines, other than showing the outcomes and the winners, we're writing a little comment about our choice, in order to make things clearer.

The coolest of the month Novia Commercial by Marty86.

At the first three places of our ranking there are:
1) Mons with White Tea Twinisim.
2) Mika_chan with Sakura Style
3) Kira_87 with Cyber Sim.

The other ex-aequo ones are (in alphabetical order):
Giuseppevm – Chinese Music
Kira87 – Oriental Cream
Lady Oscar – Lady Beauty Salon
Lena – Jpn Tattoo
Marty86 – Geisha Make Up
Mika_Chan – Tatami

In this contest there aren't true ranks, we've just chosen the ads we liked the most. We have considered many details (i.e. users who used Occidental models have been penalized for that), and we have tried to choose ads that wouldn't need to be edited (some of them should have been censored for the English version) and that of course were Theme-related.
We've had some arguments within the staff, because some ads - such as Novia or CyberSims - recall a more modern and technological Orient, while in the mag we were focused on more traditional topics, such as things you can find in the game, expecially in the Takemizu Village. After some discussions, we decided to adapt the mag to that, because you really couldn't know about that.
We didn't mention the coolest ad, since it is already having its award, but it is of course part of our ranking.
A special mention goes to Kady's Oriental Sky: it is a wonderful ad, but a little bit away from the point. If there was a legacy or a Sim story we could link it to, it would just be perfect; but unlucky it's not so, and we can't use it for this issue. We'd like anyway to keep it and use it in one of the next issues.

The winners are asked to send the original files (.psd is preferred) of the ads to


Take part in Sims2Cri's new contest, the star of the SC Mag next issue could be you!
Create your own ad and take part in the contest, you could be one of Sims2Cri's photographers and win exclusive clothes!

You'll only have to shoot an ingame picture, assemble and customize it as you prefer, create the brand, a slogan and publish it according to the following rules. You can create up to three pics, having so more chances to win, and the first three classifieds will choose and download exclusive clothes created by Sims2Cri's staff!

Every month a different theme, this time is Far East/Oriental!!


The deadline is June 20th.

Check the latest entries and the coolest!

Prizes and outcomes

Judges: Sims2Cri's staff
Criteria: creativity, cure, quality and connection to the theme.

The 10 best ads will be published on the issue of the magazine.

The first 3 classifieds, beyond the publication (with credits of course), will win two creation of the staff, at their choice.

The Koinup coolest (at June 21th) can choose one creation.

The First Classified will win a special award: a sculpture, with custom message and clap animation. Your sims earn 25 entertainment points when watching it.

Sc Award

The outcomes will be published on June 22th.

Prizes will be chosen among the following creations: