SC Mag Ad Designer contest!

SC MAG Ad designer Contest Summer

Contest Closed, Winner published!!

Here's the verdict:
The coolest of the month Simas by Kady it is the coolest of this month's contest, and if it wouldn't have been chosen by you, we'd surely have, because it is a very stylish ad.

At the first three places of our ranking there are:
1) Fumika with Simvonia.
2) My Immortal with Simnike
3) Tauri with Girl power gym.

And now the other eight selected ads, in no particular order. I say it again, choosing has been a drama, and this month more than the previous one we have tried to award as many people as possibile, and only in two cases we have chosen 2 ads of the same creator. I really please you not to be upset, because if you improve so much every month you'll end up doing the whole mag form me!!

The other ex-aequo ones are (in alphabetical order):
Emme - Speedo and Palestra al femminile
Kaluzzo - Simiano terme
Londeau - Transimions
Lena Cocacola light
kira97 Simnike
Ladyoscar Sim SPA
Marty Simseido

Please notice that we have inserted two new skins, you can see them in the top of this post!
Remember to send us the .psd file and indicate which skin would you like and we will send you. Mail us at scmag-editor (#at#) (obviously use @ instead of (at) and remove the blanks).

Thank you so much for taking part in our contest!


Take part in Sims2Cri's new contest, the star of the SC Mag next issue could be you!
Create your own ad and take part in the contest, you could be one of Sims2Cri's photographers and win exclusive clothes!

You'll only have to shoot an ingame picture, assemble and customize it as you prefer, create the brand, a slogan and publish it according to the following rules. You can create up to three pics, having so more chances to win, the first three classifieds and the coolest will choose and download exclusive clothes created by Sims2Cri's staff, and the winner will get a special prize!

Every month a different theme, this time is Health & Wealth!!


The deadline is October the 5th.

Check the latest entries and the coolest!

Prizes and outcomes

Judges: Sims2Cri's staff (Cristina, Paperpin in particular)
Criteria: creativity, cure, quality and connection to the theme.

The 10 best ads (at least, we can choose more) will be published on the issue of the magazine, they will win 1 creation, at their choice.

The first 3 classifieds, beyond the publication (with credits of course), will win 2 creation of the staff, at their choice.

The Koinup coolest (at October the 6th) can choose 2 creation.

The First Classified will win a special award: a sculpture, with custom message and clap animation. Your sims earn 25 entertainment points when watching it.

Sc Award

The outcomes will be published on October the 7th.

Prizes will be chosen among the following creations: