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Istruction for download and install: extract the *.rar file to C:/Documenti/EA GAMES/The Sims 2/Downloads folder. Most of the files in this section are .sims2pack, you can identify them by these icons File Sims2pack or File Sims2pack, once you extract them you shoud install by double click.
You can find icon near the download. It mean the compatibility with expansion pack or the expansion requirement. See on faq to understand the icons meaning.

To rent an apartment furnished:
* CTRL-SHIFT-C to bring up the cheat box.
* Enter the following cheat: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
* Walk your sim to the front door of the apartment that you want to rent. They need to be standing right in front of the door.
* Clear any actions from your sim's queue - including other sims trying to talk to them.
* SHIFT-click on the door of the apartment you wish to rent and choose "Rent Furnished."
* If the action falls out of your queue, your sim probably needs to be closer to the door.
* Once the apartment is rented, bring up the cheat box again.
* Enter: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled false to turn the cheat off again.

* Paris Apartments *
Paris Apartments
Required EP: TS2 TS2 University TS2 Nightlife TS2 Open for Business TS2 Pets TS2 Seasons TS2 Bon Voyage TS2 Free Time TS2 Apartment Life
Price: § 2.640 - 2.827 Rooms: 7 for each apartment
Lot Size: 5x2 - 4 apartments Floors: 4
Furnished: Full Garage: No, but garden, grill in common areas
Credits for included objects: both versions
- "Zosia", "Telimena" - walls by Margierytka @ mts2
- Morris Paper by Manga_Moon for MTS2
- striped brown wallpaper by Thealein @ mts2
- wood floor by Holy Simoly at www.holysimoly.com
- Pedimentary, My Dear! Bonnet French Doors and recolor by phoenix_phaerie at MTS2
- Mini-Pediment in Stucco (Decorative Roof Edge) by macarossi
- ATS Paris Streets - Number by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
version Paris Apartments (not maxis)
- Recolour of Delphine curtain by nazariopilar @ mts2
- Bedroom curtain by Delphine @ reflexsimsforum.com
- Cooker Juicy by AdiDasek @ mts2
- Round Tablecloth by fizzbin @ mts2
- GARDENBOWL + rec by Suza @ simplystyling
- Tuscan Kitchen counter and hood +rec by phoenix_phaerie @ mts2
- tuscancounter_recol2 by luslipz73@ mts2
Need to download to see as images: -

IMPORTANT: best play by following direction in the latest pic belove.
Paris Apartments Paris Apartments
Paris Apartments Paris Apartments
Paris Apartments Paris Apartments
Paris Apartments

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).