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Donation Drive TARGET DONATION: 489.70 eur
Thanks to all who will help us...

Click here to support Sims2Cri

nota: ricordate che se inviate un pagamento con paypal, alla ricezione da parte mia viene applicata una commissione fissa di 0,35€ + 10% del valore. Ad esempio se donate 1€ io ne ricevo solo 0,60€.


The latest year we asked your help twice: from january to march and in september in order to pay our hosting for 6 month each time, believing that the general interest about The Sims 2 would have decreased and we might need less resources.

March 2009, we still have to face the hosting bill... Since 2008 our family is increased with 2 new sites: Sims3Cri and Sims2Cri Finds every day the amount of visitors increase, so we really thank you.

We are so happy to see our growth, but the other side is the hosting costs. We have just finished the transfer of all our domains, started at the end of november. We own 3 sites plus some other services and work on different providers and different accounts were no more practicable. I searched for a long time, and finally I've reached a compromise with a provider. He give us a semi dedicated server at the virtual server cost, in change of some advertisment on our pages. So, our risk is that people don't click ads our cost will groth... ;)

So: we should pay 539.70 eur for 6 month, we actually have about 50 eur, so we need 489.70.

In a trial phase, we haven't pay for hosting, but after an analysis of our resources needs our provider has thought this solution.

Now I give you some statistic about Sims2Cri:

  • more then 6.000 visitors every day
  • more then 5 millions downloaded files every month
  • more then 5 millions page views every month
  • more then 2.000 GB bandwidth every month
  • all previous data are only for Sims2Cri, Sims3Cri and Sims2Cri finds are excluded

Think at one of greatest sims 2 sites, ModTheSims2 is certainly one of this. His december statistics show about 11 millions downloaded files, we are almost at the half of this amount, so it's a great result!
The bad thing, is that this brint to pay a high hosting cost....

We are a FREE SITE and WE ALWAYS KEEP FREE, with or without your help. I want you keep in mind this. If we don't raise needed money.. see on bottom of this post...


Donation Drive TARGET DONATION: 489.70 euro
Click here to support Sims2Cri
If you want donate in USD Dollars...

If the donation page don't load or don't redirect on paypal page you can donate to us by your paypal page and donate to paypal@sims2cri.com

if you have questions or comments just contact us

notice: remember that paypal apply to me 0.35€ as fix cost pro transaction plus the 10% of the donation amount... for example if you donate 1€ I will receive 0,60€.


What we ask is
support us to pay:
6 month semi dedicated server + domains names

539,70 €
- 50 Donation & Ads Plat fond (ott-dec 2008)

199,62 eur

and we will be online for the next 6 month without problems.

What does it happen if we don't reach donation target???

If we don't reach the total target, Sims2Cri remain online but with uncomfortable fuction . For example less images of our files, downloads only on mediashare or megaupload and so, or only link to tsr or mt2 threads for download. And perhaps many time when you go on Sims2Cri you could see "Suspended page". Really I don't know. I'm tired and I've so much personal problems so I haven't time to spend in following hosting problems.

What do we offer in change of donation?
We don't offer donation skins or other, we offer all for free... but we want thanks all the donators in a dedicated page where we thanks all of you that have contribute to keep online our site.... In add we will send you a kind of "Stock Certificate" image with your name at your mail adress....

. Thank you for your attention and help, remember that the "Thanks To" page is dedicated to you!
if you have questions or comments just contact us

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).