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Lodging and Hotels

Istruction for download and install: extract the *.rar file to C:/Documenti/EA GAMES/The Sims 2/Downloads folder. Most of the files in this section are .sims2pack, you can identify them by these icons File Sims2pack or File Sims2pack, once you extract them you shoud install by double click.
You can find icon near the download. It mean the compatibility with expansion pack or the expansion requirement. See on faq to understand the icons meaning.

* Dolomiten SPA *
Dolomiten SPA
Required EP: TS2 TS2 University TS2 Nightlife TS2 Open for Business TS2 Pets TS2 Seasons TS2 Bon Voyage
Price at night: about 800 §/night Rooms: 4 suites for cuples and families
Lot Size: 4x5 Floors: 3
Furnished: full Facilities: restaurant, sauna, pools, Thermal waters
In every room: room service, tv, toilette.
Credits for included objects: - komosims at http://komosims.net/ - Nenji65 at SimsCrossing - Inge at http://simlogical.com - Jonesi at MTS2 - Ailias at MTS2 - By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2 - By Madera at Mts2.com - -Maylin- at MTS2 - Macarossi at MTS2 - sims2 at http://sims2.die-gerwerts.de - Holy Simoly at www.holysimoly.com - feeEssen at http://www.sims2-feeessen.de/ - funny2401 at http://www.pimp-my-sims.com/ - Tolli at www.simgedoehns2.de - macarossi at MTS2 - von olemantiker at http://www.insimenator.net/ - http://sims2.die-gerwerts.de - sim-placement at www.ts2.sim-placement.com - Suza - Simply Styling - jendea at http://www.jendea.net/jendea2/index.html
Need to download to see as images: Nothing. But attention some files aren't in the lot installer, they are included in archive as .package, so put them in your Downloads folder.

Dolomiten SPA Dolomiten SPA
Dolomiten SPA Dolomiten SPA
Dolomiten SPA Dolomiten SPA
Dolomiten SPA Dolomiten SPA
Dolomiten SPA Dolomiten SPA

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).