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Backup and Subfolder

If you want disinstall and reinstall the game but you don't want to lose your characters, your stories, your families and your downloads, you must make a backup copy. What's mean make a backup copy? I tell you soon.
In the My Documents folder you can find a directory called EA GAMES. In that there is another folder: The Sims 2. Here there are all your saves. This folder contains some directories, everyone has a specific fuction. To be sure to not lose nothing copy all The Sims 2 folder for example on your desktop. Remember that the saved data format are different by an expansion pack to another. So if you have any EP and you don't reinstall it your saved data are impossible to use. If you have only TS2 installed on your pc and you disinstall for reinstall it with EP you must put The Sims 2 folder on your place before installing EP. To replace The Sims 2 folder that was create during install with your copy of this you must drop it in the EA GAMES directory (that is in My Documents folder), or you must copy it in that.
These are the fuction of The Sims 2's Subfolder:
  • Collections: the files of your collections of objects
  • Config: contains the game config (graphics, sound, ... preferences)
  • Downloads: all your downloaded files
  • LotCatalog: all the lots of your LotCatalog
  • Movies: contains your movies and the video you can see on Sim-TV
  • Music: the music you're listening during the game. For more details you can see the Custom Music Section
  • Neighborhoods: contains the files of your neighborhoods. Every folder is called with the number of you neighborhoods. N001 for example is Bellavista. In every neighborhood's folder there are some subfolder, for example Storytelling that contains all its snapshots.
  • PackagedLots: contains all the lots you've exported from the game
  • Projects: here there are all your Bodyshop Projects
  • SavedSims: contains all characters files that you have made with Bodyshop, the .package file of your bodyshop projects after the import in the game process. You can put here all clothes, makeup, genetics, accessories and hair files if you have problems and the game not read them in Downloads folder
  • SC4Terrains: here there are all terrains files of Nieghborhoods
  • Storytelling: contains the snapshots from the game, but only if you snap a image of a not living lot or at a neighborhoods
  • Teleport: is a temp folder, when the game put the lots files after install, before to put them in the LotCatalog folder when the game started


You can order your downloads in subfolder and the game will read all files as normal. But this process differ by the EP's you've installed.

Nightlife or Open for Business if you have installed at least one of these you can place all you want in subfolders and give to them the name you want.

If you haven't Nightlife or Open for Business you can create subfolders but you can't place on them all you want. You can give the name you want on the subfolder, doesn't matter. These are the categories of files you can put on subfolders:
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Hair Mesh
  • Accessories Mesh
  • Clothes Mesh
  • Game Objects, New Objects Mesh
  • Recolor Objects
  • Hacked Objects
  • Carriers
To clean your Downloads folder you can use Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer. You can see the programs & utility section for further information and download it, or you can see our tutorial to learn how to use it.

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).