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Code Mean Example
F3 Toggles between "free camera" and "set camera" modes. In free camera, you can use the following mouse controls to rotate the camera in all dimensions:

* Click and drag the Left Mouse Button -- Orbits the camera around the Sim's head.

* Click and drag the Right Mouse Button -- Controls the camera zoom. Move the mouse away from you to zoom out. Move the mouse toward you to zoom in.

* Click and drag Left and Right mouse buttons together -- Changes the center point the camera is looking at.

Sfondo personalizzato
F5 Toggles the 3D room off and on. If there is a bitmap graphic named "userBkg.bmp" in the "\EA Games\The Sims 2\" folder in My Documents, the image will be displayed as a backdrop. You can create a file, an .bmp image, large 1024x768, to put in C:\My Documents\EAGAMES\The Sims 2\ folder and called it userBkg.bmp Sfondo personalizzato
F6 Displays the Sim in the "bind pose," with arms held straight out. This is helpful for viewing parts of the Sim that may be hidden by the normal pose. To return the Sim to the normal pose, click on any Sim thumbnail or content thumbnail. Sfondo personalizzato
F7 While in "set camera" mode, displays the Sim at the far zoom position. Sfondo personalizzato
F8 While in "set camera" mode, displays the Sim at the near zoom position. Sfondo personalizzato
F9 Toggles the UI off and on. Sfondo personalizzato

Here my example of background....

Esempio sfondo personalizzato

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).