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Sims2Cri's Story

The first time I played The Sims 2 was at the start of 2005... it seems yesterday when I started to search contents and tutorial to customize my game...
I printed all tutorials and translated them by writing notes... and my first attempt to create custom contents... Ale followed all these steps and suggest to me "Why do you not open a site?", and my reply was "A site? And who is interested in visit my site?"... but some month ago...

I was able to create a site, site design should be my work... so a little time ago Sims2Cri was born. Sims 2 as the game, Cri as my name... but with the english spelling it means Sims to Cri too.. :P

29th March 2005: Sims2Cri was born and published with its domains name www.sims2cri.com. Since that date we have seen some changes... first my staff... I'm not alone now, and me, Ilaria and Barbara are in team since 2005. Some other person has join and leave our staff, but is not important, we are a great team now!

In this page we want show you all Sims2Cri changes...

For example, when did you find Sims2Cri? In 2005? Do you remember all previous graphics?
Unlucky I've deleted the most of past resources... But I'm sure, that since summer 2005, when Sims2Cri split itself in English and Italian we introduced this cover, that keep alive until december 2007...

Cover dal 2005 al 2007
(cover 2005-2007)

nothing of strange... I think you've seen it before... but Do you ever seen the first button version? I've found them on my pc and I think they are very bad...

button 2005
(menu buttons 2005)

at the end of 2005 perhaps, or in 2006, I've changed them to this version

button 2006
(menu buttons 2005??-2006)

I've no more info about past layouts... I've only images of the graphic used since summer 2006, or 2007 (I'm not sure) to be honest I've only the header image, but the rest is not changed so much, so I've pasted together the pictures :P

Grafica 2006?? - inizio 2007
(Layout 2006?? - start of 2007)

We changed the header images so many times in 2007, until the election of Miss and Mister Sims2Cri, the couple Giorgio-Isabella represents the face of Sims2Cri from September 2007 until December 2007

Grafica Settembre-Dicembre 2007
(Layout September-December 2007)

December... It's Christmas Time! for the first time Sims2Cri changed its color from pink to red-green, but only for Christmas 2007!

Grafica Natale 2007
(Layout Christmas 2007)

then, we must come back to pink! Sims2Cri is grow up so much, so we need some space for navigation... we introduced a new navbar at the left of contents, we have changes all titles and some other little things...
first of all the cover, where you can find this new picture:

Cover 2008
(Cover 2008)

What does it mean this cover? Actors are the same of header, Isabella and Giorgio.
Isabella pose for our clothes, but why is Giorgio on a desert island? In our interview to Giorgio, Isabella and Miriam, we have talk about some things...
For example is clear that Isabella like Giorgio, and he, instead, have a high reputation of himself... he think to be a VIP, and so he took the decision to participate at an italian show, a sort of Survivor but with star from television, "The Island of Famous". But the show is already finished, so Giorgio keep alone on the desert bay... (ndr his father has made a contest to find a sim-girl to save and bring him to home)
How do this story end? You should continue follow us to know it!

Not only the cover is changed... the Sims2Cri look for the first months of 2008 was the follow, with the introduction of a new navigation column on the left:

Grafica 2008
(Layout January-March 2008)

The Carnival was coming, so we changed another time our cover with one carnival-love themed, with our Miriam with Hisachi and Isabella watching at Giorgio....

Cover February-March 2008
(Cover February-March 2009)

29-31 March 2008 Sims2Cri is turning 3 years... this year was born Sims3Cri too... so we decided to change completely our look. We searched something to represent our growth and our maturity, with elegance. We hope to reach this target and that you like this new style!

Layout 3 Grafica 2008
(Layout version 3 - April 2008)

Sims2Cri is another site at the same time... Dreamvision, the movie section, has a different layout...
From 2006 to October 2007, the look of Dreamvision was this:

dreamvision 2006
(Dreamvision 2006- October 2007)

since october 2007 with the publish of 'A New Sunrise' we have totally re-style it:

dreamvision 2007
(Dreamvision October 2007 -)

I've talk so much!!! Now it's time for your comment and suggestion!! Leave a message and tell us what you think about our layouts and story!!

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).