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Thanks to all our supporter

In 2007 Sims2Cri has some problems due to its popularity and the bandwidth usage...
Our old provider blocked our site, so we have moved to another, and here began bandwidth and hits problems...

We asked your support, some people taked part to our support campaign, so this is the space to thanks all them....

With your help we have increase our hosting power to reduce offline times, but all we have bought is just for 1 year, so now, in 2008 we've to pay for renue our hosting plans... and the charge is 400 eur for 6 month... we hope you could help us another time!! More info on the donation drive page

Really thank... This is the list of all Sims2Cri's supporters...

(2009 Supporters)

Elisabetta, Saretta73, Veronica, and some others..

(2008 Supporters)

Aleval, AlTomai, Cicciolocali, Cory, Danig, Dragonfly, Eden, Fabyangel, Ignegne, Ilaria, Laus, Mendota, Miri91, Monica, Nenny, Nicci, Nike, Pentealunare, Silke79, Silvia, Simones, Stedebo, Tessalni, Terry, Valentina, Veronica Agostini
and some others..

(2007 Supporters)

Agfmucc, Airrynne, Alayne, Alchera, Ale e Carlotta, Alessandrap, Alessio, Aliehs, Angelocri, Arwenmia, Babybunny, BetsyLun, Carlo74, Cicciolocali, Dragonfly, Eden, Erika, ooo_eveee_ooo, Fabyangel, Francie, Frapallino, Gwynnyloo Melitea, Jennyrose, Kady, Katiusha, Kikka83, Lausim, Lelly82, Lucy G., Mac, Mariagiulia, Miriana, Nancyw41, Nymeria, Ophelia, Paciok, Pegaso, Pucca85, Raino, Rosanna, Rospetto, Salemsply, Sarahavana, Sciacca, Silvia+Samuel, Sheila B., Schneckchen, Shamyra, Sgt.Brix, sinner.Salom3, Simsfan, Sparkling, Suryachandra, TamyCrocky, Tine Dida Treyka, Tweety.pussy, Valentina, Veronica Agostini, Violent Doll, Ylenia.

and some others..

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).