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The Sims 3

Written by Paperpin

What have we found on the magazines previews?

Some sim-sites as SnootySims, InfinitySims and Edenstyle have published some interessant information about The Sims 3, token from the previews reported on two game magazines, PCGamerUK and Games for Windows, that for the first wrote something about the new game thank to a special interview with the producer Rod Humble.

We are a little in delay, but hoping to do something special, we have done a special article that focus on the key point of The Sims 3, cut of from the long contest of the magazines preview. Now you've just to read and we hope you can find something new!

Remember, the full version of this article is on our site Sims3Cri!

While waiting for EA's official report about The Sims 3 (coming on March 19th at www.thesims3.ea.com), we can figure out how the next episode of The Sims will look like, thanks to the sneak previews published by PC Gamer and Games for Windows.

Games for Window preview

On the April issue of both magazines there is an interview to Rod Humble, The Sims 3 producer, who describes some features of the game and shows several amazing preview pictures!




Humble says that the biggest innovation of The Sims 3 is that it will not be necessary to load residential and community lots anymore: Sims will be able to visit every building of the town, hang out with friends, peep neighbours and much more, because their world has become seamless and open. This means that Sim's lives won't be limited from the bounds of their residential-microcosm lots, but are completely inserted into the life of the whole community.



Oppositely to the previous game editions, Sims are now connected with the external world, that changes and grows constantly. What does this mean? We are no longer the only ones to be affected by the flowing of time: our friends and relatives will grow up, get married, die, etc. as we do! Sim's life will be closer to our life, just to avoid those Sims 2 annoying situations, such as sons that grow older than parents or childhood friends that remain children while we're going to become grandparents



News are not only about the town and the environment sourrounding Sims, but also and manily about Sims themselves and their creation. Characters will have more realistic looks, with renewed skintones and more defined features.

 There are a lot of new modifiers, to assure the best customization ever.

donna fat
Those tools are not only for the face modification, as happens in The Sims 2, but they involve the whole body, so that we can create fat Sims, skinny Sims, slender Sims with big arms, etc. There are modifiers for many body parts.

doesn't finish here! If you want read more just visit our site Sims3Cri!!!


We have only small news about the next chapter of The Sims title, but is sure and announced: there will be The Sims 3.
Perhaps The Sims 2 Free Time is the latest EP for The Sims 2 and after the bonus pack "The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Stuff", no more products will involve The Sims 2.... But why are we sure about The Sims 3? First, is born the official web site of The Sims 3 http://thesims3.ea.com/, and the announce tell about more info to come the 19th March.

The Sims 3

It is not so much for fill a web page... As fansite holder I've receive a newsletter from Ben Bell, the producer of The Sims 3, where he introduce us the new EA's title.
No images at this moment, but the mail tell about (quote of the important part of mail):

  • The first thing you'll notice about The Sims 3 is that the Sims now live in a completely seamless, living neighborhood. This means that they can walk next door, walk down the street, drive to the center of town, stroll through the park, and explore everything without ever encountering a load screen. Wherever you go in your town, you will see other Sims going about their daily lives. You'll discover new things about the community that your Sims live in, and you will have the chance to participate whenever and wherever you like. As a player, this is an incredible innovation for me because now I can see what my neighbors are up to all of the time and go interact with them. Or if I am feeling devious I can peek through the window and spy on their every move. I can even shoot across town to see what the other families in my town are doing, any time of day or night. It's an entirely new way to play with your Sims!
  • The second aspect of The Sims 3 that always impresses me is our completely reinvented and realistic Create a Sim. In The Sims 3, you have so much freedom to create the Sims that you want to make, yet it's easy and fun. The Sims can look like anyone you imagine. I've made my friends, my great grandpa, and many other important people from my life. We also have a new realistic personality system called Traits that allows you to determine the personality of every Sim. There are dozens of Traits that you can assign to your Sims. Every Trait will change the way that your Sims feel, think and behave in the game. You can choose several traits for your Sims, so it's really possible to make any character that you can imagine and they will come to life in The Sims 3. Now imagine placing these unique personalities into your very own "Petri-dish" that is the new seamless, living neighborhood.
  • The third thing that I really want to share with you about The Sims 3 is that everyone will be able to customize the appearance of everything, right in the game: This is true for furniture, walls, floors, fashion, hair, and so much more. You will be able to customize the colors or patterns and apply them to everything (this is great for me in particular, as I am colorblind). You can make everything match, clash, or coordinate. It is so easy and fast, and it is incredibly powerful. What is really exciting is that you won't need developer tools to make big visual changes to the game. We will be giving you a small taste of how this works on the website. However, I cannot wait to show you how fun this feature is when we have the final user interface in the game. The real power of this feature will be obvious when you get your hands on it. Fans of The Sims already make amazing things, and now it will be so much easier for to make and share creations.

Detto questo non ci rimane che attendere le immagini che hanno promesso di pubblicare nelle prossime settimane e aspettare ulteriori notizie!!
E magari guardare i nostri sim che già possono giocare a The Sims 3 tramite i loro computer grazie all'ultima espansione Free Time...

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).