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Francesco has contacted me after a few days the Simona's decision to leave the Sims2Cri Staff. After seeing his houses, after seeing his modern-trasparent style and after some discussion about the custom content to use, I've took the decision to add he to the Sims2Cri Staff...
Here his profile and remember that his creations are marked with Made by Francesco

Francesco Name: Francesco
Age: 23
Live in: Catania
In his life: He studies Law at university, he like music (beatles) and comment the bad-projected buildings. He like football and the italian team "Milan". His quotes is: "due cose riempiono l'animo di ammirazione e venerazione sempre nuova e crescente, quanto più spesso e più a lungo la riflessione si occupa di esse: il cielo stellato sopra di me, e la legge morale in me" Kant
In Sim-life: Sim-Francesco lives with our models... he can't choose, so in the dubt he takes all them...
He creates: houses and Building

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