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She is a very nice girl. I've knewn her on the Community forum, in the past she has made two major for my site... now she's back and is a official member of the staff with her models and hair. Here you can read her profile, her creations have the Made by Misaki mark!

Misaki Name: Stefania
Age: 20
Live in : Somewhere between Pavia and Milan
In her life : Foreign languages student... a lazy student
In Sim-Life : I love to create complicated stories with cheatings, secret babys, like a soap opera
She creates: Alpha edits and recolors of hair and complete sims.

If you want contact her, mailto (don't forget to remove #) misaki#@sims2cri.com

If you want to open the files downloaded in these pages you must install WINRAR (you can download it here) and ACROBAT READER (download now).